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Hong Kong International Airport 20th Anniversary

Location / Hong Kong international Airport

The Hong Kong International Airport, which always has a stable and mature development, started to operate on 6 July, 1998. Over the years, it has been working hard to continuously expand its capacity to cope with the increasing demand. Up to now, it has carried over 40 thousand aircrafts and 70 million passengers from all over the world.

The renowned Hong Kong International Airport has just reached its 20th anniversary since its inception. Tobe Concepts was happy to celebrate with the airport that we have grown up with, so to host an unforgettable birthday party for this important day. Among them, there was a three-day flash dance performance in which more than 100 employees from all fields in the airport surprisingly presented in the busy lobby, singing and dancing with the passengers. The management also enjoyed the event and together hosted the live broadcasted cake-cutting ceremony. The three-layer 20-year-old birthday cake was more than enough to be shared with the passengers around. Precious memories for everyone were made that day.

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