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Hong Kong Food Guide

Location / Hong Kong International Airport

Dai Pai Dong in the street, was once a part of the landscape and history of Hong Kong. For the older generation of Hong Kong people, it was an unforgettable entity. However, since the 70s, when Dai Pai Dong set foot on the road of being "killed", the picture of people holding a cup of milk tea while gossiping in the street, with its unique culture and human touch, has gradually become less common, and some of the traditional styles of them no longer existed.

In order to recall the memories for hongkongers and give foreign tourists a chance to experience Dai Pai Dong, Tobe Concepts boldly set up a 1:1 model at the bustling Hong Kong International Airport, physically reverting the traditional Dai Pai Dong made of green metal sheet.

The model was based on the third phase of the design appeared since 1961. From the equipment in the stall, to the billboards outside, all details were meticulously restored. With the elements of the customer brand, the Hong Kong Airport Authority, being added to the design, the fusion version of the old and the new, our Dai Pai Dong model, was created.

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