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Spartan Race Hong Kong

Location / Ha Pak Lai, Yuen Long

Founded by Joe DeSena, a world-class adventurer, Spartan Race has become an internationally recognized obstacle course race. Hosting more than 130 events worldwide each year, Spartan Race has hosted 240 games in 25 countries this year. Participants need to climb, pull and crawl through obstacles set on walls, hills, trees, dirt or barbed wire, and then rush to the finish line. Spartan Race aims to get the racers out of their comfort zone through this series of physical, reaction and guts challenge.

Tobe Concepts was fully committed to assisting Spartan Race in the installation of the hardware structures. Those sophisticated and safe obstacles, as well as other facilities were the brainchild created by Tobe Concepts and other parties from the stage of design to that of construction.

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