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“Cloud-sourcing: In Touch with Weather from Land, Sea and Air” Photo and Video Collection Campaign and Exhibition

Location / Hong Kong International Airport

"Art can happen anywhere." And that was why we had this photography exhibition at the airport. The way to construct a common point between the exhibits and audience is what we have been considering. Flights and weather conditions are closely related, so why not hold an exhibition about weather at the airport? Tobe Concepts hoped to encourage the public to recognize and appreciate astronomical phenomena by displaying scenes of the ever-changing weather.

Knowing that single form of static exhibition is not able to satisfy the public's visual needs in such a multimedia era, the team integrated video recordings into the three-dimensional structure. The combination of dynamic and static scenes made the whole exhibition more vivid and impressive. Began in late 2017, Tobe Concepts had conducted a two-month photo and video collection program. With the active support from the aviation and marine industry, the team collected more than 2,000 weather pictures taken from land, ships and planes, as well as more than a hundred related films.

The difficulty of the project was designing the 3D photo frame on the ramp. For safety consideration, the team needed to accurately calculate its size and weight. Also the decision of material adoption faced numerous limitations from the site. Finally, the team decided to print photos on tempered glass and set up a safe yet spectacular photo frame near the curved and open window. The astronomical art gallery was successfully completed within a week.

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