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Hyundai Digital Motorstudio

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A new concept that could spell the future of car showrooms. While no actual cars are on display here, this advanced digital studio offers a virtual experience allowing customers to view the cars they like in great detail. It has been designed to maximize the customers experience by mega screens, color palettes and a 3D car wall.

My Car Table
Customers can select a Hyundai model in their preferred color and also apply any other specifications they like. It will appear on a 3D screen giving a surreal virtual reality experience where customers can rotate and zoom in the car only using their fingertips.

Live Theatre
A full-scale Hyundai model appears on a floor-to-ceiling screen where visitors can get a true feeling of the travel of the car visually and audibly. It may still be virtual, but the size and quality of the large screens bring it to life.

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