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is the Spirit.

From nothing to everything, we create works by building up the innovative ideas from the basis of our clients’ expectations. Tobe Concepts is an all rounded event management and marketing company. It is a brand who sells ideas, creativity and innovations. We do it all for you, and all single-handlely from designing the initial concepts, all the trivial pieces during the production process, the on-site management and manpower support, to the cleaning up afterwards and final performance assessments in all activities we hold including exhibitions, events, decorations, ceremonies, and big scale marketing campaigns. To help you aim high, Tobe Concepts also provides you with strategies to gain brand reputation offline marketing programs, KOL collaborations, as well as media engagements.

What do we do?

Our Approach

To Create...

We think better than you.

Because we do not like drifting with the current, we have ∞ creative minds who hate to stick to the rules, generating brand new ideas for you from dawn to dusk. We do what you never expect only to lead you a step ahead of others.

We know more about your needs and concerns than you. Therefore we focus on every tiny detail more than you to ensure that our works are within your expectation and beyond your imagination.

To win the trust from your customers is the mission of our cooperation with you. We are not here to convince you, but to convince your targets for you and help your painstaking efforts to stand out.

Abandoning the tedious business communication approaches, you can absolutely convey your needs to us in your most comfortable way in exchange for our swiftest and most effective responses. We make sure that you are always with us from the very beginning.

Some of the brands we've worked with
Recognitions we are honoured to receive
  • Media Zone Service Award 2017 /
  • Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2018 /